Social Selling™ Success Seminar

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Day 1


Social Selling™ Success Seminar: How To Attract New Clients Online
“With more than 360 million members, LinkedIn has become the world’s largest online business networking site. Linked has become a ‘secret weapon’ for B2B activities”Dr Nikolaus Eberl

Social Networking

In this seminar you will:

  • Learn how to generate New Leads
  • Know how to find business decision makers on LinkedIn
  • Learn to accelerate the Sales Cycle
  • Connect to C-level Executives

Module 1: Develop your LinkedIn Marketing Plan

  • Set Your Primary LinkedIn Marketing Goals
  • Keep an Eye on Your LinkedIn Competition
  • Map Your Marketing Progress to Stay On Track

Module 2: Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile

Why Your LinkedIn Profile needs to read like a New York Times Bestseller

  • Convert Your LinkedIn Headline to a Value Proposition
  • Turn Your LinkedIn Summary into a Call toAction
  • Add Multimedia & Endorsements
  • How to ask forRecommendations
  • Attain LinkedIn All StarStatus

Module 3: Grow your LinkedIn Network

  • Search Companies for high Value Prospects
  • Search Groups for high ValueProspects
  • Search Alumni for high Value Prospects
  • Synchronise Your Email Contacts
  • Add ‘People you may know’

Module 4: Join LinkedIn Groups:

  • Consider the Groups You Plan ToJoin
  • Follow Five Steps for Better Group Success
  • How to become a Top Contributor inGroups
  • Create Your Own Group for ThoughtLeadership

Module 5: Position yourself as a Thought Leader:

  • Develop Your Primary Goal
  • Force Industry Competitors to Take Notice
  • Climb to Pre-eminence with Better LeadGeneration

Module 6: Initiate Content Marketing

  • Publish Content onLinkedIn
  • Engage Conversations in LinkedIn Groups
  • How to measure Your Content Marketing Success

Module 7: Conduct Market Research

  • Conduct a LinkedIn Survey
  • Collect the Research Data
  • Evaluate the Research Data

Module 8: Interview LinkedIn Experts

  • How to find Experts onLinkedIn
  • Compile Interviews into Promotional Products

Module 9: Build Your Lead Magnets forLinkedIn

  • Research Market Niches onLinkedIn
  • Create Your Lead Magnets
  • Display Your Lead Magnets

Module 10: Develop your first LinkedIn AdCampaign

  • Define Your Target Audience
  • Create your LinkedIn Advert
  • Create Sponsored Updates

Key Outcome:

After this seminar you will be in a better position to maximise the use the ever growing Social Networking platforms, in particular you will be able to:

  • Use LinkedIn more effectively
  • Develop a plan to Grow your LinkedIn network
  • Improve your Linked position
  • Create killer LinkedIn Ads

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