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Can you achieve Happiness without stress in 2016 ?
So you have made your New Year’s resolutions – whether you want to exercise more, to follow a strict diet, reduce stress, quit smoking, acquire new skills or you simply want to implement new innovative business strategies in your business.It does not matter how you feel about resolutions, be new or renewed ones. After all, you are definitely looking and aiming  at ending 2016 on a positive note. Right?

Life can be very stressful, scary or boring, but what is there in the methodology or habits of successful and effective people that lead them to a balance life, a fruitful career and true happiness. Is it the way they do things, their aptitude, their intelligence, the effort they put or their mindset?

Want to you how they do it? Don’t wait, download our free e-book to know about the secret behind successful people. Yes you hear it, it’s absolutely free!

Happiness without Stress:
The 20 Habits of Effective People


Quickbooks 2016 is Here!
Quickbooks Pro 2016 and Quickbooks Premier can accommodate up to 5 simultaneous users. While Quickbooks Accountant 2016 can accomodate up to 30 simultaneous users on a LAN. The Quickbooks entry level product is “Quickbooks Pro” and is suitable for most businesses. However, clients who need more advance stock features will need Quickbooks Premier, while Quickbooks Accountant tops the list with little more features and pushing its user limit from 5 to 30. To compare Quickbooks features please check our website at this link.
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Quickbooks Pro 2016 
Rs 12,999

(Limited Stock – First come First Served)

Quickbooks Pro 2016 manages your business at your finger tips. Easily manage your sales, debtors, bills, creditors, your stock and you bank. To know more about Quickbooks features, please read Here.

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November 2015
What’s New In Quickbooks 2016?
Finally QuickBooks 2016 is here! This new version has some new enhancements and functionalities as compared to the previous editions.
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30% Off This Month only!
This is Version 26 of Quickbooks UK Edition. Check out our website for updates in the future as we include new features as we discover them in this new edition. As Quickbooks Official Reseller in Mauritius, the 2016 Edition is available as from November 2015.
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Pro 2016
QuickBooks Pro 2016 allows you to manage your business accounts at the touch of your finger tips.

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Premier 2016
 Quickbooks Premier 2016 has all the features of Pro 2016 + advanced stock features + extras…. 

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Accountant 2016
Quickbooks Accountant will let up to 30 Users work simultaneaously + also track back orders.
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Why struggle with your financial accounting management, when Quickbooks can do wonders for your business. We cure your financial head-aches and let you concentrate your time and effort in developing your business. The possibilities are endless when you are in control of your business finance.



Managing your petty cash using QuickBooks?
Many businesses in Mauritius including companies use cash to meet their daily petty expenses. Often these expenses are neglected due to their value and immateriality and no proper system is put in place to control cash transactions. A proper control over cash expenses is essential ….
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Dhishna Radhay: Recommend Book by local Author
Born in Mauritius,

  has been a secondary school teacher in various schools across the island. She is currently an executive assistant in a prestigious company in Dubai, where she moved in 2005. Since then, Dubai and its people have taken a fundamental place in her life and heart. Writing is her passion and she has been writing since the age of fifteen. According to her:

Every being has a story to tell and I had a story to be told, a story that I hope will inspire my readers.”


Obstinacy: The Dauntless Chase
Cléopâtre Lamaure, born on the first day of August, 1978 in a small town in Mauritius, was often compared to Cleopatra of Egypt, not only because of her name but because of their striking similarities in wit, courage, sweetness of voice, and above all, astounding beauty At thirty-one, it seemed that she bore more burdens than should have been expected at that age. In spite of the many hardships in her life, the atrocities that crushed her soul and caged her dreams, she gathered all her ……….
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Important Dates
Any company with a financial year ending 30 June 2015 should file its annual return with the registrar of companies by 28 January 2016. Check the link below if you need more information.
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