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“Today’s Brands must look beyond their products and stand for something.”Dr Nik, the author of the book “Movement Marketing™

In a nutshell, Movement Marketing™ takes the old marketing and business models and flips them on their heads:

  • Learn to understand and relate to people in interconnected groups
  • Recognizing the importance to influence group rather than persuade individuals
  • Generate an army of brand loyalists

Module 1: Discover the Evolution of Movements & Brands:

  • Why People have always been drawn to Movements
  • How Technology has accelerated Movements
  • The Psychology behind Movements
  • The Basic Do’s and Don’t’s
  • The Role of Social Media
  • What drives consumer behaviour: Motivational Intelligence™
  • Which motivational needs is your Brand satisfying?
  • Why does your Brand exist today?
  • What is your Brand Archetype?
  • How strong is your Brand?

Module 2 : Understanding of consumer culture and the trends.

  • What is going on today in consumer culture that makes your brand culturally relevant?
  • How can you catalyse this into a shared cultural goal?
  • What role could it play in today’s consumer culture?
  • What idea on the rise could it champion?
  • What do you want people to do as a result of your idea?
  • What assets can you create ?
  • How can you create or leverage existing communities?
  • What powerful symbols and iconography can you create to make people feel part of the community?
  • How can these members see their tangible actions in the movement?

Module 3 : Movement Marketing Case Study: How Obama won the 2008 US Elections

Discover how Obama won 2008 Us Elections

  • Unearthed the one message that turned apathetic non-voters into fervent supporters of his Cause
  • Activated a Movement that signed up more than 3.5 million Volunteers and built the single largest Consumer Database in modern history
  • How Dove used Movement Marketing™to redefine the concept of ‘Real Beauty
  • Gillette “Women Against Lazy Stubble” Campaign. How Gillette used Movement Marketing™to double sales in India in six months
  • Microsoft “Ideas Win” Campaign. How Microsoft leveraged Movement Marketing™ to triple the annual sales target threefold
  • Norte “The Best Excuse Ever” Campaign. How the Argentinian Beer Producer Norte applied Movement Marketing™

Module 4: Questions and Answer Session

Key Outcomes:
Having attended the Movement Marketing™MasterClass, you will be able to:

  • Identify an Idea on the Rise that intersects with your Brand Archetype
  • Design a Movement Marketing™ Campaign that is aligned to your Brand Promise;
  • Execute your Movement Marketing™ Campaign across various channels (both traditional media and social media)
  • Measure the effectiveness of your Movement Marketing™ Campaign
  • Sustain your Movement Marketing™ Campaign.

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