Amazing New feature in Quickbooks 2015

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Wow. This is definitely mind-blowing  as Quickbooks 2015 New Features. Now you can add or attach any document to your source transactions i.e a cheque payment, a bill, an invoice, a cash sales or a journal entry. The attachment file may be any of the following formats:   Pdf Jpeg Other image format are supported Excel file Word file   …

Why You Should Choose Quickbooks Accounting Software

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Quickbooks 2015 Accounting Software If you have little or no accountancy knowledge and are not sure which software package to choose, you need look no further, QuickBooks 2015 has made business accounting so much easier, less time consuming and more affordable for millions of users Worldwide and businesses in Mauritius! People have been using the tried and trusted desktop version …

Mauritius Rupee

How to manage your petty cash using QuickBooks?

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Many businesses in Mauritius including companies, SME’s or even Corporates, use cash to meet their daily petty expenses. Often these expenses are neglected due to their value and immateriality and no proper system is put in place to control cash transactions. A proper control over cash expenses is essential to: Avoid misuse and misappropriation of fund. Avoid cash being used …