Amazing New feature in Quickbooks 2015

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Wow. This is definitely mind-blowing  as Quickbooks 2015 New Features. Now you can add or attach any document to your source transactions i.e a cheque payment, a bill, an invoice, a cash sales or a journal entry. The attachment file may be any of the following formats:


  1. Pdf
  2. Jpeg
  3. Other image format are supported
  4. Excel file
  5. Word file


In fact in can be any file format which your computer can read.

In this way whenever you are looking for vouchers, bills and supporting documents to justify your expenses, you can have access to them instantly. Since you can also attach excel files, this means that you can even including your workings and calculations.

This improvement is worth mentioning as it removes the hassle of physically filing supporting documents. you longer have to waste a lot of time trying to guess how you got the figures and what an item consisted of.

To use this feature look for the attach file icon when entering any bills, cheques invoices, petty cash expenses or journals. You can even scan your document directly from your scanner.

Start using this feature now and see how easy your life become whenever you have to face any query from the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) asking for proof and evidence of income and expenses.